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Selling your business

We can advise you on the right timing, find you the optimum partner taking into account all cultural and business considerations as well as recommend the best path to maximising shareholder value.

Whether you need to establish how much your company is worth, how much value you can add to it before sale or you want to know what buyers are looking for and how to deal with unsolicited approaches, we can help. Other frequently asked questions we encounter are:

  • What is the best deal structure for my business – cash vs. shares, and what about earn-outs?
  • If I want to sell to my management, what are the issues involved?
  • What are the crucial factors holding back my valuation?
  • Do I need share options or any other employee incentives?
  • Would I get a better price by selling to a private equity house?
  • How long does the sale process take?
  • How long are earn-outs?
  • How do I ensure confidentiality – and when do I tell my staff and clients?
  • When is the best time to sell?
  • Why do I need an adviser to sell my business?
  • When should I start preparing for a sale?



Achieving the successful sale of a business requires robust planning, a watertight process, and exceptional execution. We work closely with our clients every step of the way to deliver the highest quality advice and execution with discretion, integrity and insight to achieve the optimal outcome.